Providing Reliable Cellular for Restaurants and Bars

Reliable solutions for chronic cellular and internet issues for restaurants and bars.

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Discover the Bolton Install Pro Advantage for Restaurants and Bars
Reliable Cellular for Calls, Data, and IoT No more dropped calls, unsent texts, and slow data for staff and patrons. Improve customer experience and get a competitive edge.
Never Lose Connection Our professional team will get your restaurant or bar hooked up through the cellular network, for primary or backup Internet access.
Convenient Data Collection Our crew will set up what you need to achieve complete LoRaWAN integration, allowing rapid, accurate data collection for any number of uses.
Total Connectivity for Permanent or Temporary Installations Get a system designed for a permanent installation or get a Portable Signal Unit to bring unfailing Internet and cell service on your pop-ups.

Don’t Let Poor Cellular and Internet Interfere with Guest Experience

Reliable cellular and internet improve guest experience, leading to better reviews and superior customer experience.

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Our Services

Cellular Integration

Reliable cellular for rapid communication and data

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System Design

Pinpoint accurate RF system design capabilities for any sized building

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Rapid, reliable data collection and IoT connectivity

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Public Safety

Bring your installations up to every local fire code

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Commercial Networking

Cellular-based networking solutions for small or large installations

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Portable Signal Solutions

Rapid-deploy cellular and internet for remote or temporary job sites and spot coverage as needed

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Our Work

Target Prosper, TX

Target is one of the largest big-box retail outlets in North America, and needs little introduction.

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YES Prep North Central Elementary Houston, TX

YES Prep is a large, public charter school based in Houston, TX. With over 20 campuses throughout the Houston area.

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Glen Oaks Community College Centreville, MI

Glen Oaks is a public community college in Centreville, Michigan. It offers numerous degree and certification programs for the state.

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Rocky Mountain Public Media Denver, Colorado

Rocky Mountain Public Media is the largest public media organization in Colorado, located in the heart of Denver.

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Biscuitville Fresh Southern Burlington, North Carolina

Biscuitville Fresh Southern is a regional fast food chain specializing in Southern cooking, particularly biscuits.

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We’ve specialized in amplifying cellular signal since 2011, and have only gotten better with age. It’s a very real passion for us.
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