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Common Causes of Weak Signal

Just one or any combination of these factors can greatly affect your cellular coverage.
Cell Tower Distance
Trees, mountains, hills, high structures, rain, snow, thunderstorms, wind, etc.
Building Materials
Metal, concrete, low-e glass, thick external walls, drywall, wood, plaster, metal, electronics, etc.
Number of Users

Our Process

Understand Your Challenges

First we understand your current problem, site location and layout using our time tested process.

Perform Site Survey

Then, we perform an on-site survey to take into consideration specific codes and building features.

Provide Solution Options

Next, we design and propose a solution to fit your individual needs.

Professional Installation

Our Certified expert technical team installs your system on site.

What Does a System Look Like?

Why Bolton Install Pros

We use the Latest Diagnostic Tools for analyzing indoor and outdoor signal.
  • Certified, highly skilled team
  • Experienced at assessing needs and creating custom solutions
  • Willing to work a flexible schedule to provide the best customer experience
  • Our commitment to customer satisfaction

What to Expect After Installation

Stronger Signal
Better Quality Voice Calls
Customer Satisfaction
Send & Receive Texts with Ease
Eliminate In-building Dead Zones
Longer Cell Phone Battery Life
Great Customer Service
Guaranteed One Year Labor Warranty

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