Complete Enterprise Cellular Networking and Redundancy

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Bringing Reliable Internet to Your Business Via the Cellular Network
Create a secure primary or secondary internet network via cellular
Reduce downtime with redundancy, even during blackouts
Consolidate billing and accounting fees
Increase network capacity for far less cost

The Bolton Install Pro Cellular Networking Integration Process

Initial Consultation
Custom Design: Tailored to your building and cellular conditions
Equipment Recommendations:
Installation: Our team travels to your location and performs installation
Deliverables: Full proposal of design, complete bill of equipment, and estimation of delivery.

Your site will have reliable, usable internet via cellular. Whether for network redundancy or for primary use, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Our Work

Target Prosper, TX

Target is one of the largest big-box retail outlets in North America, and needs little introduction.

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YES Prep North Central Elementary Houston, TX

YES Prep is a large, public charter school based in Houston, TX. With over 20 campuses throughout the Houston area.

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Glen Oaks Community College Centreville, MI

Glen Oaks is a public community college in Centreville, Michigan. It offers numerous degree and certification programs for the state.

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Rocky Mountain Public Media Denver, Colorado

Rocky Mountain Public Media is the largest public media organization in Colorado, located in the heart of Denver.

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Biscuitville Fresh Southern Burlington, North Carolina

Biscuitville Fresh Southern is a regional fast food chain specializing in Southern cooking, particularly biscuits.

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Why Bolton Install Pros?

We’ve specialized in amplifying cellular signal since 2011, and have only gotten better with age. It’s a very real passion for us.
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  • Lifetime Support
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What is the Benefit of Cellular Networking When We Already Have a WiFi Connection?

Cellular networks are effective backups, and significantly more secure than a traditional wired internet connection. They are also more stable, and less likely to go offline with a power outage.

How Much Does Your Cellular Networking Service Cost?
HWhat Cellular Router Do I Need for My Network?
Can I Combine My Current Network with a Cellular Router?
Will you create a LAN/WAN for us?

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