Food Service

Biscuitville Fresh Southern

Burlington, North Carolina

Biscuitville Fresh Southern


Food Service

Installation Type:


Building Size:

44,000 sq ft

Products Integrated:

Nextivity Cel-Fi QUATRA 4000c

Down-Home Fast Casual Dining, Poor Cell Service

Biscuitville Fresh Southern is a regional fast food chain specializing in Southern cooking, particularly biscuits. Founded in Burlington, North Carolina in 1966, they’ve been making biscuits throughout the Carolinas and Virginia ever since.

While they pound out a mean biscuit, poor cell service hampered their operations. One of their supplier warehouses suffered from poor cell service, so they got in touch with the Bolton Install Pros.


Biscuitville Fresh Southern’s refrigerated supplier warehouse suffered from poor cell service, decreasing the efficiency of its staff and causing inventory management problems.

They requested Bolton Install Pros to fix this issue.

The Solution

Bolton Install Pros created a design to cover the unrefrigerated areas of the warehouse per customer instructions. A Nextivity Cel-Fi QUATRA 4000c system was commissioned and installed by Bolton Install Pros in the storage area of the warehouse.

The Results

Cellular signal was greatly improved throughout the targeted areas across all major carriers.

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