Public Safety DAS and ERRCS Inspection and Integration

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Bolton Install Pro Team Public Safety DAS and ERRCS Integration Process

Grid Test: Our team will identify areas of your building not meeting your local requirements
Report: With a pass, we will provide a full report and alert your local authorities you are within code requirements.
Design & Proposal: With a fail, we will create a design and proposal on how to fix the discovered issues.
Integration: We will install a public safety system to provide the necessary coverage. We make getting your building up to code as painless as possible.
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We’ve specialized in amplifying cellular signal since 2011, and have only gotten better with age. It’s a very real passion for us.
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What Buildings Actually Require a Certificate of Occupancy?

  • 50,000 sq ft and above
  • Anything with a basement
  • Has over 3 stories
  • We recommend checking with your local building codes, as there can be more depending on your jurisdiction.

    If My Building Fails a Certification, Do I Need a Public Safety Solution in the Entire Building or Just a Specific Area?
    Do I need a two-way radio amplification system in my building in order to get a Certificate of Occupancy?
    We have a cellular signal booster in our building supporting the 700MHz and 800MHz bands. Will it provide coverage for two-way radio or FirstNet frequencies?
    Are there any specific codes or requirements unique to my area?
    Can I buy the necessary equipment to install a system in my building myself?
    My building is X amount of stories, but less than 50,000 sq ft. I read that only buildings larger than 50,000 sqft need to be tested.

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