Parking Garage

Rocky Mountain Public Media

Denver, Colorado

Rocky Mountain Public Media


Parking Garage

Installation Type:


Building Size:

56,000 sq ft

Products Integrated:

SureCall Fusion5X Max

Downtown Parking, Poor Cell Service

Rocky Mountain Public Media is the largest public media organization in Colorado, located in the heart of Denver. With such urban environments comes unique cellular problems. Their parking garage, despite being in a downtown area, suffered from unreliable cell service.


Parking garages are a particularly bad place to have unreliable cell service. Safety, EV chargers, smart sensors, and customer and employee experiences were all impacted.

They requested Bolton Install Pros to fix this issue.

The Solution

Bolton Install Pros created a design to cover the entire interior using a SureCall Fusion5X Max system. The new system’s ability to sift through RF noise and amplify the appropriate frequencies, coupled with its large coverage footprint, made it a natural choice.

Cell signal was greatly approved within the parking garage for Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T.

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