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Nationwide Installation of Zinwave Distibuted Antenna Systems (DAS)
Bolton Install Pros are the premier Zinwave installers in the United States. With hundreds of Zinwave DAS deployments integrated around the countries, our certified team can get reliable cellular up and running in any building or outdoor space.

Zinwave DAS Signal Technologies

Active DAS comprises all active components.

Active DAS components convert radio frequency into digital signal for transmission across digital cabling such as ethernet. This allows for longer cable runs than are possible with traditional coaxial cable, allowing for greater scalability and coverage.

Signal from each carrier is consolidated in a base or network unit, then distributed via ethernet or fiber to different nodes. These nodes can then be used as “active” antennas. Each node requires its own power source.

Bolton Install Pros specializes in installing Zinwave active DAS components.

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Hybrid DAS makes use of active and passive components.

If you're on this page, most likely you’re looking to deploy a hybrid DAS. These make use of active and passive components. Typically speaking, deployment is the same as an active DAS system, but passive antennas are utilized at the ends to expand scope and coverage area further, reducing the need for additional active components and providing cost benefits.

Most hybrid DAS configurations maintain the base and network units of an active DAS, but utilize passive antennas to propagate the system, necessitating a mix of coaxial, fiber, and ethernet cable in the deployment.

Bolton Install Pros specializes in installing Zinwave hybrid DAS. If you’d like to get started on a deployment, call us at 1-800-987-2658 for a free consultation.

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Passive DAS comprises all passive components, i.e. pieces which do not generate signal themselves.

Passive DAS obtain their signal from the macro network (a cell tower or small cell broadcast), run it through coaxial cable, amplify it, and rebroadcast the signal within a defined space.

Most DAS utilize passive components in some fashion, whether that’s to better enhance coverage area or to fill in some gaps missed by active options. A pure passive DAS is cheaper and faster to deploy than other options.

While Zinwave has passive products, most of its product line falls into the hybrid/active DAS space. For a complete passive DAS solution, check out our WilsonPro installer section.

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Site Surveys Performed Anywhere in the US or Canada

Bolton Install Pro certified Zinwave installers will travel to any location in the United States or Canada to perform a site survey of your installation to ensure accurate signal readings and to make note of any challenging construction.

Our professional team can be scheduled to your convenience and to avoid disrupting normal operations.

The Most Accurate Zinwave System Designs Using iBwave

After performing a site survey, our team of professional designers make use of iBwave software to create an accurate heatmap. This deliverable will inform your IT team of the expected coverage of the Zinwave system being installed.

Our Zinwave Installers Offer a 2-Year Warranty

Zinwave systems come with a two-year warranty. The Bolton Install Pro Team matches that with our labor. Anything goes wrong in the two years after installation, we will fix it..

Lifetime Post-Installation Support on Any Zinwave Installation

Our US-based customer support team is always ready to answer any questions about your Zinwave Installation.

Your Complete Answer for Any Zinwave Install

Bolton Install Pros is the top installer of Zinwave solutions. Get in touch with one of our experts for a free 30-minute consultation on how to get your Zinwave installation off the ground.

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