LoRaWAN Deployment for Painless Data Collection and Analysis

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Ready to Streamline and Scale Your Data Collection? LoRaWAN and Bolton Install Pros Make It Possible
Monitor assets in real time, from temperature to heart rate to PSI
Collect data and access anytime with convenient, custom user interface
Customizable for your network and unique assets
Deploy nationwide, with a radius of up to 10 miles per gateway

Select Use Cases


Livestock monitoring, irrigation control, environmental monitoring, soil health, asset management, and more.


Security, failure prediction, pest monitoring, space optimization, and more.


Environment monitoring, parking management, safety and security, street lighting, waste management, and more.


Oil and gas, manufacturing, chemical processing, power generation and transmission, and more.


Asset and fleet management, intralogistics, monitoring goods, and more.


Electricity, water, gas, heating, and more.

Long Range Wireless Networking Made Easy

Long Range: Connects devices up to 10 miles away
Low Power: Prolonged battery life of up to 10 years
Secure: Includes encryption, authentication, protection, and multi-layer security
Scalable: Supports millions of devices with gateways and applications
Rapid Deployment: Decreases cost and increases efficiency
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Our Work

Target Prosper, TX

Target is one of the largest big-box retail outlets in North America, and needs little introduction.

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YES Prep North Central Elementary Houston, TX

YES Prep is a large, public charter school based in Houston, TX. With over 20 campuses throughout the Houston area.

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Glen Oaks Community College Centreville, MI

Glen Oaks is a public community college in Centreville, Michigan. It offers numerous degree and certification programs for the state.

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Rocky Mountain Public Media Denver, Colorado

Rocky Mountain Public Media is the largest public media organization in Colorado, located in the heart of Denver.

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Biscuitville Fresh Southern Burlington, North Carolina

Biscuitville Fresh Southern is a regional fast food chain specializing in Southern cooking, particularly biscuits.

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We’ve specialized in amplifying cellular signal since 2011, and have only gotten better with age. It’s a very real passion for us.
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What Do End-to-End LoRaWAN Solutions Consist Of?

There are four main components to any end-to-end LoRaWAN solution:

  1. Sensors – Captures data from devices and sends it to smart gateway
  2. Smart Gateways – Upload data collected from sensors to the cloud, where it can be accessed via devices and custom applications.
  3. Devices – Devices used to collect data from and access that data. Can include everything from computers or mobile devices to meters and measurements.
  4. Custom Applications – Allow you to visualize the data

Together, these pieces create custom solutions that can be tailored to any industry or use case. 

How Can LoRaWAN IoT Help with Data Management?
What’s LoRaWANs Role for Different Industries?

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